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One Platform. Limitless Security.

Mesh mitigates critical risks other tools can't see, automates response to threats they can't detect across technologies they can't control.



Reduction in attack surface

Mesh offers a comprehensive risk blueprint, going beyond multi-clouds, revealing shadow risks unseen by other tools.



Faster MTTD

Mesh's swift, identity behavior-based detection is rich in context. Built-in tools drastically cut detection and containment times.



Less in SecOps costs

Mesh automates our response, ensuring top efficiency. Adaptive controls turn challenges into enhanced security opportunities.


Extend visibility and control beyond the cloud

Go beyond multi-cloud infrastructure and protect identities, data, devices, SaaS, and networks in minutes - all from a single pane of glass.

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Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure

Seamlessly harness your existing stack and achieve interoperability across environments, technologies, and teams, enabling robust security at scale.


Continuously harden your security posture with an agile, dynamic, and adaptive holistic defense


Identity Security Posture Management

Govern, contain, and eliminate identity risks enterprise-wide. Continuously gain contextual analysis and curate risk of human and machine identities. 


Zero Trust Posture Management

Effortlessly implement and maintain a measurable, mature, and robust Zero Trust posture atop your current stack.


Zero Trust Segmentation

Discover and protect your Crown Jewels with Zero Trust Segmentation. Identify, classify, and secure your "protect surface," ensuring its isolation and utmost protection.

Detection & Response

Unleash the power of AI to dynamically detect anomalous behaviors of human and machine identities, effortlessly investigate, and automate response to threats with confidence.


Identity Threat Detection & Response

Move beyond XDR and EDR with holistic behavior-based identity threat detection, investigation, and response. Detect enterprise-wide shadow logins and activities to stop compromised identities, account takeovers, and privilege misuse.


Multi-Cloud Detection & Response

Achieve full context and real-time detection of threats across workloads, services, roles, networks, and data, enabling investigation automation and proactive response to prevent breaches.

Adaptive Access


Dynamically and automatically respond based on user behavior, device context, and risk. Adjust permissions, initiate authentications, and counter threats in real-time for fortified security.

Integrated Operations

Ensure security and compliance with consistent, contextual, and continuous policy, playbook, and posture management

Contextual Search Engine

Leverage Gen-AI to curate critical business security insights, enabling you to ask anything within seconds and easily customize your security controls to minimize risks and address critical threats adaptively.

Assets Risk Graph

Utilize the power of graph-based analysis to map asset relationships, thus providing a comprehensive blueprint of your risk posture. Enhance readiness for multi-cloud breaches and proactive cybersecurity measures.


Effortlessly achieve and maintain compliance using established frameworks like PCI, SOC2, CIS, NIST, and GDPR. Continuously monitor, report, and improve compliance holistically.

Mitigate critical business risks first

Mesh continuously prioritizes high-risk scenarios and threats, considering broad business context, enabling you to focus on the most impactful risks and threats.

Reduce risk, boost productivity

Mesh seamlessly integrates, delivering instant value and boosting operational effectiveness, while reducing license costs. By automating manual tasks, Mesh minimizes human errors and prevents them from evolving into threats, relieving the workload of security teams.

Build bridges across teams

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Ensures robust protection against unseen cybersecurity risks and threats, achieving a secure and resilient business.

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Achieve accurate and faster risk prevention, along with threat detection and response, by implementing automated controls. This enhances overall security efficiency and significantly reduces operational risks.

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Identify, plan, and enforce a least privilege unified policy for holistic identity governance and control. Manage risks from identities to resources and automate policies at scale, maintaining robust security.

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Oversee governance, risk, and compliance, ensuring alignment with industry standards and regulations. Utilize data-driven interfaces to quickly obtain answers for critical questions, and continuously ensure compliance in a holistic manner.

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Cut through the noise and react to live threats with full context and confidence. Utilize out-of-the-box playbooks and automation tools to respond promptly to threats, effectively preventing them from escalating into breaches.

1# Cybersecurity Mesh Platform

Forge ahead toward seamless, context-aware, and real-time adaptive security



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Users that love Mesh


Mesh Security enables a robust, enterprise-wide Zero Trust program, making it measurable and efficiently implementable. This transformative approach bolsters our cybersecurity, fostering a proactive, trust-focused culture across the organization and enhancing our ability to address security challenges effectively.


Bradley Schaufenbuel


Implementing and maintaining the desired state of identity security for all digital assets is crucial to effectively secure a cloud-first business.

Mesh's unique, multi-layered, and holistic approach, coupled with continuous trust verification and risk-based context analysis, is essential for future-proofing any security posture.

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Prabhath Karanth

Global Head of Security & Trust

Mesh extends beyond current fragmented prevention and detection tools, addressing urgent pain points of security operations and incident response teams enterprise-wide.

It cuts through the noise, enabling focused detection and response to identity-first threats that truly matter.


David McHenry

Executive Director, Office of Information Security

Prioritizing holistic coverage across a diverse, multi-layered stack, Mesh enhances threat detection and response, addressing unseen risks and threats.

This approach bolsters situational awareness and operational efficacy, effectively countering identity-focused modern threats.


Joseph Levi


Seeking holistic risk mitigation and shadow login detection, our organization adopted Mesh. Its swift, agentless integration seamlessly enhanced our existing infrastructure, consolidating security operations and facilitating a shift to an identity-first strategy with ongoing prevention, detection, and compliance automation.

itay kozuch new

Itay Kozuch


Our team fosters cloud-based innovation while upholding the highest security standards. Mesh's agentless solution ensures seamless integration across diverse environments, offering complete visibility into data, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and beyond, enabling security crucial for mission continuity.


Niv Shlomo

VP Platform Engineering
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