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  • Zero Trust

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Done Simple.

The industry’s first Zero Trust Posture Management (ZTPM) solution, providing real-time visibility, control, and protection across your Everywhere Enterprise.

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Full Visibility & Coverage in Minutes

  • Discover your crown jewels and rapidly identify & remove the most critical risks
  • Gain holistic, contextual, and actionable analysis of your entire XaaS estate
  • Agentless & seamless deployment that connects to any footprint and translates ‘Zero Trustish’ into English


Supercharge your Zero-Trust Adoption

  • Leverage your existing security stack into effective Zero-Trust reality
  • Reduce cost & complexity and eliminate manual work with advanced workflows
  • Drive cross-organizational collaboration, shift left security, and increase user experience and productivity


Stay Secured, Ensure Compliance

  • Continuously maintain a comprehensive Zero-Trust posture with ease
  • Eliminate risk with proactive unified hardening and Anomaly Detection & Response
  • Empower your business with the best possible resilience at scale.

Prabhath Karanth

Head of Security & Trust

Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) has become crucial, but it’s not enough. In a hyperconnected, dynamic, and extremely complex cloud era, Zero Trust mandates continuous refinement by risk-based and contextual visibility and automation throughout the entire XaaS estate. This creates an absolute necessity for Zero Trust Posture Management (ZTPM) that dynamically adapts the security posture to the business.

Itay Kozuch


In the hyperconnected cloud era, our organization needs holistic actionable CONTEXT to eliminate business risk rather than additional tools or services. Mesh's ZTPM radical new approach helps us to automate, measure, and drive our Zero Trust program on top of our existing stack and rapidly prioritize and remove the most critical risks, with continuous protection and compliance.

Niv Shlomo

VP of DevOps

Our DevOps team empowers our developers to innovate and build fast in the cloud but without compromising on security. Mesh’s agentless solution integrates seamlessly into any heterogeneous footprint and delivers full visibility throughout data, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and more, with a data-first approach. It helps cloud-first companies to clear through the alerts noise to “shift left” security and thus decrease loads from DevOps and security teams.

Harel Tayeb

CEO, Kryon (Acq. by Nintex)

Zero Trust is the future of cybersecurity, and automation is one of its main pillars. Mesh's ZTPM solution accelerates the Zero Trust initiative in modern enterprises by automating complex and human-driven processes and enabling organizations to future-proof their security posture comprehensively. Thanks to the protection provided by Mesh's Zero Trust Posture Management, organizations can now have the peace of mind to focus on their business success and critical-mission continuity.

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